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The Roku Channel Watch Online Twister

Duration – 1 h, 53 Min /
User rating – 7,1 of 10 Star /
genre – Action /
Description – The year is 1969. In Oklahoma County, thunderstorms roll across an open plain, and in a remote farmhouse young Jo and her family are about to go to sleep, but her father is watching a tornado warning on TV. The TV warns that the imminent tornado may be an F5, the strongest known. Not long after the family reaches the storm cellar the huge twister hits, passing right over top of them & killing her father. 27 years later, Jo is now a storm scientist, trying to develop a tornado warning system with her soon-to-be-ex, Bill Harding. Multiple attempts fail for one reason or another, and their team sees a tremendous amount of damage & death. Then, one time, they find themselves In the damage path of a huge F5 tornado. Can they succeed in launching their test equipment, then escape the deadly storm in time? /

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The only thing separating the quality of the dialogue from this absolute piece of garbage and Adam Sandler’s “Going Overboard” is that Adam Sandler isn’t in Twister. How, as a reasonably respected actor do you let some nerd with a “take-1” chalkboard tell you to speak this drivel into a microphone? Whoever the dude was who said this deserves a 10 or 11 and whined “why do the critics hate every movie I love? deserves to have 10 or 11 UFC lightweights break each of his limbs. Anybody who laughs at this poorly written, 21st century “safe, accessible” sitcom dialogue is a complete RUBE whose opinions on film are worthless. I would watch this again only if the alternative was a guillotine death. Please go to the local university and audit a film class, you complete geese.


Twister intro.
I can only rate this a 5; I found Bill Paxton so incredibly annoying in this movie. All the other characters had this quiet tension running through their stories. Bill was just whiny and loud. His amazing verbosity throughout this entire film was so distracting. Never mind that he had a background story of his own – but trying to pull him up as some kind of Storm Chasing Hero was a joke. And the naiveté of his betrothed was almost as ridiculous.
She should have been blonde.
I did really enjoy Helen Hunt’s character. Quiet, strong, scientific, underlying – and her aunt was a perfect match for that baggage. I don’t think someone like that would find Bill attractive in the least.
Especially since he was not the only male on her team.
Once again we bow to the special effects and bow down to the wonders that make it possible and allow it to convince us the entire movie was well worth it. And once again we can look forward to a deluge of the same because this got such positive response.
Sure I enjoyed it, but not enough to rave.

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